Instagram Testing New Features For Better User Experience

Instagram wants users to understand what is going on with their account.
Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

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Instagram is trying to make their users experience less confusion when outages happen again.

Instagram will be testing the outage warning feature in the U. S. for the next few months before rolling out to larger markets.

Image from Instagram.

Instagram will put a whole page directly in users’ activity feeds, telling them when the platform is having issues.

It is a welcome feature as users will not be left confused, wondering if it’s a problem on their end, or having to jump on rival platform Twitter to see if the app is having issues

New Account Status Feature

In addition to the warning feature, Instagram also announced they are launching a feature called Account Status, that will make it easier for users to know if their account is at risk of being suspended or disabled.

Users can request a review if they think Instagram made a mistake with a post they removed.

The company is adding more information to this new tool in the coming months to give users a better sense of how their content is being seen by others and give recommendations on how to improve your appearance on the application.

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