Netflix On Android Is Getting Two Updated Features

Netflix is bringing Fast Laughs and Play Something to Android smartphones.

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Netflix is rolling out two game changing features for Android users: Play Something and Fast Laughs

Photo by Mollie Sivaram via Unsplash

Play Something, Anything.

Play Something is a shuffle button that solves your the mindless scrolling for content. When you tap on the Play Something button, Netflix will play something that it thinks you will like.

You can flip through the suggestion or let it play like a normal TV.

Android users both on phones and tablets will have this feature once the update rolls out.

Fast Laughs, What Is It?

Think InstaStories, but comedy. That is basically what Fast Laughs is. You can scroll short clips pulled from the vast comedy library that Netflix has.

The feature has been launched in iOS devices for some time. Netflix is bringing the feature to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and select other markets, for the Android platform.

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