Increase Page Load Speed Of WordPress Blog : Improve Website Loading Speed

WordPress is the most popular and most used blogging platform in the world due to its huge features and ease of use .But yesterday I am searching web ,I saw many blogs which have very low Page loading speed .So today I am going to discuss about How To Increase Page Loading Speed of a Blog ? 

Blog loading speed effects Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) as Google state that the blog which load quickly will rank higher in SERP .So it is most important to increase the page load speed for a blog .

But before I start few things which we have to check .

Blog Speed

Page Load Speed of Blog :

We are going to increase our blog loading speed but before it we have to check our page loading speed .Is it loading slowly ? So to check the loading speed of a blog there are some tools are available by which we can easily analyse our blog loading speed .One of the most common tool which is mostly used Google Official page speed Analyzer .Here you have to just enter your blog url and check the score there .If your score is above 80 then its fine .If the score is just above the 70 then you should work to improve it .But if your score is less than 70 then its time to work on it to improve it since it is harming your SERP .

There is one more tool which i like most .Just enter your blog url there and find the score there .If it shows that your blog load time below then 5 sec. then its really good and your blog is going well .But if it shows between 5 – 10 sec. load time then you have to do something to improve it .

How To Increase Page Load Speed of a Blog ?

There are several factors on which your blog page load speed depend as number of plugins used ,type of theme ,Java script and many more so what should we have to do to increase blog load speed ? I have the answer . Just follow the instruction given below to increase your blog speed .

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1. Select A Good Theme :

When your choosing a theme for your blog make sure it’s not so heavy and should be clear ( no error should be there ) .Theme should be properly customized by deleting unnecessary coding  .

2. Removing unused CSS code :

There are so many codes are there in css stylesheet of a theme ,many of them are useless ,so delete all the unused codes from CSS .

3. Minimize No. Of Plugins :

WordPress has an advantage that for every work there is a plugin which can do it easily .So many bloggers install too many plugins which also make the blog heavier than ever .So to increase loading speed of a blog use minimum number of plugin .I think 10 -12 plugins maximum .

4. Use WP Super Cache Plugin :

It the best plugin that I have ever use ,it increase your page load speed very effectively ,So we should always use this plugin for our blog it really works .

5 . Minimize Use of JavaScript :

JavaScript also make our blog slower ,so we should minimize use of JavaScript .

6 . Avoid Big Size Images :

Many times I saw bloggers used so big images due to which blog page load so slowly as browser re-size those images .So we should avoid these type of big images .

7 .Less Use of External Url in One Page :

External Url also slow the load speed of a blog ,so we should use less amount of external Url on one page to increase the page loading speed .

So these are the some ways through which we can increase our blog loading speed .Just try these tips and increase your blog speed now .

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