Increase Google Page Rank Of A Blog :Tips To Improve Google Page Rank

Ranking matters a lot in today’s world ,So every body want to improve their rankings .In Blogging World too ranking matters a lot .There are several ranking system in which websites and blogs are ranked .One of the most common ranking is Alexa Ranking . Alexa is an organization which rank all the website and blog according to their traffic . Many webmaster and blogger thinks that Alexa ranking is enough for representing all the data and reputation about a website or blog .But that’s not true . There is one more important ranking system which is Google Page Rank .


What Is Google Page Rank ?

Google Page Rank is the rank assign by Google for a Website or Blog . It rank a website between 0 – 10 . Google Page rank represents blog or website reputation in Google eyes .That is ,How valuable the blog is . is the only one having Page rank 10 .There are few websites having 9 and 8 page rank .So Google Page rank matters a lot in today’s world . Infect it also show the SEO of a website. The Blog having High Page Rank ,will rank higher in SERP .

So every blogger want to increase their Google Page rank but the big question again comes :

 How to Increase Google Page Rank ?

To increase Google Page rank what steps should be taken ? I have the answer . After performing many experiments ,I come to know few ways by which we can improve our page rank and they are given below .


1. Quality Content :

I have done so many experiments and found the only thing which matters a lot in all areas that is your  ” Content ” .

I want to say only one single line here ” Content is the King ” . If you really want toincrease your blog page rank then the first thing you should go for is Quality Content . Your blog content should be unique and interesting .If you have quality content on your blog then all is well and you will find an improvement in your page rank soon . So go for quality not for quantity .

A blog having 10 unique quality posts will have more advantage then a blog having 50 copied posts . So always remember about the Quality .

2. Page Layout :

Blog page layout also matters in improving Google Page rank and also there is recentPanda Update which affected  thousands of website having bad page layout . So a blog should have user-friendly website .

There should be less advertisement above the fold and maximum exposure to content will improve page layout of blog and also avoid Infolinks and Kontera inline text advertisements as they are not user-friendly and also provide a very bad payout .


3 .Quality Backlinks :

One of the most and most important thing which can improve Google Page Rank is Quality Backlinks .Make as many as possible quality backlinks , try to catch high PR backlinks .High PR backlinks is the way by which you can easily increase your Page Rank .Try to make Dofollow high PR backlinks which matters a lot in Page Rank .You can easily create your free backlink by commenting on high PR blog . Comment as more as can possible on DoFollow blogs and generate quality backlinks for your blog which will help you in increasing your Google Page Rank very quickly and will also send a huge amount of traffic to your blog too or you can also try guest posting . is also a PR 3 blog ,so you can also try here for guest posting by contacting us .

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But again I will say go for quality not for quantity .

If you follow these tips ,you will definitely improve your Google Page Rank .

If you have any doubts , please share here .

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  1. Pete

    It is quite funny really that we all wait for the next PR update, like little kids await their Saturday treat, since for all that is known the PageRank has no practical value of any kind.


    • Arun Rana

      Agree Pete ,Now Google page rank Algo has been totally changed , Only Quality content can help you in getting some page rank :)


    Sir how this Page rank system work please tell sir…..

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