How To Increase Google Adsense CPC and eCPM :Adsense Tips

Now a days there are so many websites and blogs which are using Google Adsense for making money as Google Adsense is the leading contextual advertising network in the internet world .Google Adsense is the only ad network which provide a handsome revenue to the publisher . So Google Adsense is the first choice of web Publishers to monetize their content . Google Adsense provides CPC ( Cost Per Click ) and eCPM ( effective Cost Per Mile ) advertisement to the publishers .

adsense CPC

But some time publisher get low CPC and eCPM which reduce the total earning of the publisher .So today I am going to tell you about how to resolve this low CPC problem .

How To Increase Adsense CPC ?

So this is a big question now a days in front of web publishers ,every publisher want to improve their CPC . There are some ways by which we can increase CPC easily and they are given below :


1.  Use High Paying Keywords :

As I said earlier Google Adsense is a Contextual advertising network for web publishers ,Google Adsense bots go through your content and place those ads which are most relevant to content .They select few keywords from your content and place those ads which was targeted on that keywords by the advertisers .So try to use high paying keyword in your content so that Adsense place high paying ads on your blog .

For example use this keyword ” Student ” instead of ” Candidate ” since it has high CPC .

2 . Place High CTR Ad Unit which Goes First In your HTML 

Google Adsense used to place high paying ads which loads first in your html .It means that if your header loads first obviously then the ad unit placed in the header had a higher CPC/CPM then the other ad units on the same page .So try to put that high CTR Ad unit which loads first in your html . For my side first ad unit should be below the post title in a blog .


3. Use Less Number of Ad Unit 

As we know that Google Adsense allow us to place 3 ad unit on a page ,publisher used to place all the 3 ad unit on the same page . It is also one of the main reason of low CPC . By placing all the 3 ad unit on the same page ,lowers the competition between the advertiser . If we use less number of ad unit on our blog competition among the advertisers increases to place their ads on our blog .So try to use 1 or 2 ad unit on one web page of your blog to increase Adsense CPC.


4. Enable both Image and Text Ads 

Some time web publishers choose only Text or Image ads to increase their CTR but the truth is they actually lowers their CPC . Since if you block image ads or text ads then you lowers the competition between the advertisers .So enable both Image and Text ads ,it will again increase the competition between the advertisers and will increase the your CPC .


So if you really want to increase  Adsense CPC then you must follow these Adsense tips and just wait for one week ,results will be in front of you .

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More Updates about to come just stay tune with Us .

Latest Comments
  1. AKM Borhanice

    Thanks for really helpful information . Some days Google paying me $.03 (!) or less per click . Hope your tips can help me to Increase CPC .
    Thanks again :)

  2. Fazal

    i m struggling to improve my earning, but onlly slow progress.

    • Arjun

      Hi fazal, Don’t worry man try this, replace the text adds to both text and image adds then watch your CPC,

      By arjun

  3. Tejindra singh

    awesome post about google CPC .It will help us to earn more revenue from google .Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  4. Gaurav

    Thanks Arun i followed all these tips but my adsense CPC decrease day by day . please give some more tips to increase CPC for my blog.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Narender

    What about when Google asks to not to place many ads above the fold as it may impact search rankings?
    Isn’t it better to settle with somewhat lower earnings than getting a kick down from search results?

    • Arun Rana

      Yup I agree But one ad above the fold will definitely increase your cpc and also this will not impact your search ranking :)

  6. Davinder

    Hey Arun,
    Nice Blog Post brother. I am agree with u about the points you said but i have a question ” Is domain age is also a issue for low CPC of google adsense ?”.

  7. Kasim

    Thanks for your tips.. I am definately gonna try them.. :)

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