How To Change WordPress Username and Password Using phpMyAdmin In Cpanel

As we Know WordPress is the best and most usable blogging platform of the bloggers due to its tons of features and ease of use . When we install WordPress in our website directory we set a user name and password for log in purpose in WordPress .But some time due to some security reasons we have to change the WordPress username and Password.Many bloggers should to change their WordPress password frequently . So how they change their WordPress user name and password ? I have the answer .


How to Change WordPress Username and Password ?

So the question is how any blogger change their WordPress blog username and password ? I will tell you how we can do it easily .There few steps to change the username and password of a WordPress blog using phpMyAdmin in Cpanel and they are given below .


1. Open your cpanel by just entering the web address ” “and log in with your FTP username and password .


2 . After that just scroll down and find ”  phpMyAdmin  ” Under Database section and click on it as shown below .


3. After opening phpMyAdmin ,click on the database in which your WordPress is installed given at left hand side as shown below .


4 .After opening the database , just scroll down and look for ” wp-users ” and click on it as given below .


5 . After that just click on ” edit ” as shown below .

change wordpress password


6.  Just enter in “ user_login ” what the user name you want , then in next row  ” user_pass ” MD5 from drop down menu and then enter the password in front of it and again in the next row enter the user name and then hit go as shown below .

wordpress username


That’s it your WordPress username and password is now changed .

If you have any problem in that then do comments and I will get back to you .

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