Check NoFollow Links In Google Chrome and FireFox :NoFollow Checker Extension

In today’s world there is a normal question that comes up many times in front of us  ” how to check Nofollow links ” and how to check a blog isdofollow or Nofollow . So today I am going to discuss about this issue .But before I start we should know about Dofollow and Nofollow links .

What is Dofollow and Nofollow Links ?

You can see a lot of blogs having some internal and external links .Every time Search Engine crawl your blog ,they also crawl your links too and follow them and gives an extra advantage  to those links . So if we give a link in our post and search engine follow the link then the link is said to be dofollow and if not followed then Nofollow . By default all links are dofollow ,to make it nofollow we have to add < rel=nofollow” attribute to it . So now always remember for external link to add  < rel=nofollow” to the link to make it Nofollow .

dofollow linkd

How To Check a blog is DoFollow or NoFollow ?

To increases backlinks we are searching for the dofollow blogs for commenting  ,but how to check them for dofollow or nofollow ? You can do it by right clicking on the link ( Comment link )and checking the source and if you find an attribute “nofollow” then it means it is a NoFollow Blog. But it’s too ordinary .

Now a days there are so many extension of browser are available which can show you all nofollow and dofollow  links automatically .

The most common browser we use Mozilla Firefox and it has many extension which can do this easily .

How To Check Nofollow links In FireFox  ?

In Firefox ,there is an extension/add-on is available named as NoDofollow add-onwhich can do all the work for you .As you install this extension/add-on ,you have to just right-click on the page on which you want to check link and just select Nofollow .That’s it ,this will highlight the links with different color by which you can identify the link type .

mozilla Check NoFollow Links In Google Chrome and FireFox :NoFollow Checker Extension


If the links highlighted into red then the link is Nofollow and if the link color is blue then the link is DoFollow as shown in above given image .

If you want to download Nodofollow extension for firefox then click on the link given here NoDOfollow Extension .

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How To Check Nofollow Links In Google Chrome ?

Google Chrome is the browser which have the second highest user in the world after the FireFox .So now the question is how to check Nofollow links in Google Chrome ?

I have the answer ,There is also an extension which can really help in identify the nofollow links in Google Chrome which is named as Nofollow extension.After installing it ,it will highlight Nofollow link as red  .It identify Nofollow links only so you can use it .

chrome extensions

If you want to install this extension then click on the link given here Nofollow Extention For Google Chrome .

That’s it now you can identify all the nofollow links automatically in both browser Firefox as well as in Google Chrome .If you are facing any problem with that share with us by commenting here .

Stay tune with us for more updates .

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  1. Hazel

    Thanks a lot for this Arun! I’ve been trying to find out how to do this for the past few days. I used to use Firefox and had an extension which was great but moved over to Chrome and couldn’t find one which was just about nofollows. Plenty of info on the web about extensions covering loads of seo stuff like page rank etc but didnt really want all that extra stuff. This works a treat! Thanks for taking the time to write about this. Best wishes, Hazel

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