Best CPM Ad Network For Indian Publisher :Make Money With CPM Ads

Now a days every blogger want to earn money through their blog by monetize their blog traffic .Google Adsense is the leading ad network  in the advertising world .Google Adsense offers Cost Per Click ( CPC ) ads mainly ,very few Cost per Mile ( CPM ) to the publisher . Most of the bloggers prefer Google Adsense as the single source of earning money But Today I am Going to discuss about CPM Ads .CPM ad network


What Is CPM Ads ?

CPM stands For Cost Per Mile .CPM Ads are the ads which deals on the basis of 1000 impression . It can we better understand with the help of an example .

Let us assume that we have an ad unit on a blog getting 2000 impression daily ,if this ad paying 1$ for 1000 impression so your total earning of the day is 2$ .So this type of ads is called CPM ad unit which works on Cost by Impression.

Since advertisers are paying low to Indian traffic therefore ad network also paying low but there are some CPM ad network which are paying good revenue to the publishers .


Best CPM Ad Network For Indian Publisher 

1. Tribal Fusion :

Tribal Fusion is one of the leading CPM ad network in the world having  Highly respected advertisers  .But hard to get a publisher account .It has a variety of ads size and CPM rates are among the highest in the industry .Tribal Fusion share 55% revenue with publishers . The site requirements for publisher are given below :

  • Minimum 5000 unique Visitor per day
  • Highly targeted ,quality and frequently updated content
  • An active data base
  • An Attractive look

So If you think that you fulfill all the requirements then just go for Tribul Fusion .


2.Technorati Media :

After Google Adsense ,the ad network which work best for publisher is Technorati Media . In 2011 , Technorati Media was ranked 10th largest media entity in the US, the 4th largest social media property and the 2nd largest blog property .It offers a good variety of ad size .

For getting a publisher account , your content should be of good quality .Having less traffic does not matter but the only thing is matter for it is your Content .

So If you think that you have a good content then you can go for it . If you want to apply then click here Technorati Media 


3. BannerConnect 

BannerConnect is also a fast growing ad network and one of the most important thing I like most there is No minimum payout threshold. Good Customer Service since reply with in 24 hours .


The minimum traffic requirement  is 100,000 impressions per month . Apply here


4 . Burst Media 


 Burst Media provides high paying CPM campaigns. Publishers get complete control over the ads delivered. It’s one of the most stable and professional ad networks in the industry.
The minimum traffic requirement for burst media is 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views . Apply now


5. Ozone Media 
Ozone Media is one the fast growing ad network in India . Ozone Media is only For indian traffic and they pay on Net 90 basis .You can easily get an account if you have 1000 visitor per day .


If you want to apply then go here .


6 . Casale Media :
I didn’t try it but you can also try this CPM ad Network .10,000 unique visitors per month are required to get an account from this organization . If you want to apply then go here .


So These are some CPM ad network that are best for Indian Publisher .If you want to earn extra money with Google Adsense try one Banner ad from these ad network it will really increase you earning .



Let me know if there is some other ad network which pay Good to Indian Publisher .
Latest Comments
  1. PL Sharma

    Hi Arun

    My self PL Sharma, I am currently working on website I wants to generate more traffic and sales through this website. How can you help and guide me.

    • Arun Rana

      Build more quality backlinks , Social sharing will leads to more traffic and sales . By the way , website look is awesome :)

  2. karthik5300

    my site is can u suggest me which one of this ad network is better for me. And please add how much they pay for cpm.

    • Arun Rana

      You have adsense on your blog , there is no need of any CPM ad . If you want then try Tribal Fusion or Technorati Media but decent traffic required for approval

  3. online Buddy

    Hi..nice article..recently my google adsense account was banned for no reasons…luking for an alternative..but i don’t think my blog can be accepted into these programs.

    • Arun rana

      Hi , if your adsense got banned than you can try these cpm ad networks but you should have decent traffic :)

  4. Atul Jain

    nice and useful article cpm really very good way to earn online from blog or website traffic. I am using few network like cpv network, chitika and Tribal Fusion all three are really working good for me they all are well known and paying network.

  5. top android

    finally a good list of cpm advertisers

  6. parth

    You are right Atul I have way better earning in CPV in compare to other network, because they have the best rate for internationaal traffic and pays for almost every country, I average $3 to $4 and some time $5 for most of my Asian traffic.

  7. Ravish Gusain

    Working on my blog ( ) from last three months still the traffic is too low , how to over come out of this problem

  8. Rohit Kumar

    really so nice list but stil i find difficulty on searching sign up link for applying in

  9. valueclickz

    I believe is one another most reputed cpm network. They offer Banner ads also. I am averging $3-$4 for every 1000 unique visitor and support is good.

  10. raju

    i am using linkbucks around 2 bucks a month for 21 percent us traffic any better network for indian traffic

  11. soma ghosh

    I think bidvertiser is much better than Technorati .. I am using bidvertiser with cost per view network and both network looks great to me. I think for a webmaster who has very limited amount of traffice work good for them because minimum easy to reach,

    • Arun Rana

      Yes edomz works good for Indian traffic

  12. Sagar

    I have tried contxtweb and chitika for my site , bt none works, will now give a try for tyroo and edomz

  13. mukul

    This list is best. Thanks for sharing this and tribal fusion is best ever.

  14. vipin soni

    i am currently using chitika , and i m getting less than a $ daily.. my impressions in between 900-1300 daily.. plz suggest me which one will be suitable for me

  15. kowshik this is my site. help me out to monetize for this site with good cpm n.w

  16. Anshul

    Please suggest me which one should i go for my website I am getting to increase my traffic now.

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